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Grown in Hawaii - Mangosteen, the queen of fruits.

By: Rebecca Remillard

In 1890, European Colonists tromping through Southeast Asia came upon the small purple fruit of the mangosteen tree. They found the exotic, tropical orb to be juicy and slightly sweet and sour. Unfortunately, the fruit did not save well. A rumor began circling that Queen Victoria would grant knighthood to anyone who bequeathed her with a ripe mangosteen. Thus, the moniker “the queen of fruits” was given. 

 Little did those colonists know that mangosteen deserves the title of “the queen of fruits” for far greater reasons. The 6-8 bright white wedges beneath the deep purple skin of mangosteen is packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber to support a healthy immune system. But even more significant, the rind of the mangosteen contains more antioxidants than any other fruit on the planet. In its origins of Southeast Asia, it has been used for skin care for centuries. 

The mangosteen rind contains a unique type of plant compound called xanthones which target acne-causing bacteria and ward off fine lines by releasing powerful free radical fighting agents. When ground down into a fine powder and crafted into a skin care product, mangosteen’s powerful phytonutrients also penetrate the skin’s surface to calm inflammation at a cellular level.

Many modern skin care products contain toxins and chemicals that don’t just wash away. They are carried down the drain and eventually make it into our soils and oceans. Not only are endocrine-disrupting synthetic fragrances, thickeners, colorants, fillers and other toxins and chemicals unhealthy for our skin, they’re unhealthy for the planet, destroying natural habitats and wildlife. 

Utara Organics are exceptional for both what they make their skin care products out of (finely ground, organic mangosteen rind) and what they don’t (absolutely nothing toxic or synthetic). Using mangosteen grown on the organic, north shore Kauaʻi farm of creator, Amy Arnett-Smith, Utara’s products are powerful against acne, inflammation and aging, but gentle enough for everyday use. The Utara Bar is ideal for those prone to acne, eczema, psoriasis or other sensitive skin conditions, and the Complete Body Wash purifies pores while nourishing the skin, leaving you radiant, itch and blemish-free.

Utara Organics | The Utara Bar
Utara Organics | The Utara Bar
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