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KRNT Studios at Common Ground

There is a current that runs through all creatives. An electricity that takes ideas from our minds and brings them to life. There are currents that move oceans, air and electricity. There is a current that gives us life. KRNT Studios is inspired by this force.

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KRNT STUDIOS has repurposed part of the former guava production warehouse into a working studio, gallery and event space. The 1400 square foot studio is like nothing seen before on Kauai. The space holds large working walls that feature rotating murals from world class artists from both local and global art communities. KRNT STUDIOS is available for private art showings, interactive art experiences such as workshops, crafting and art therapy based services. Our offerings can be catered and designed to best fit the needs of the clientele. Our goal is to offer a top tier memorable experience that leaves the participants filled with creativity and joy. 

KRNT Studios believes in creating space for the next generation of artists to emerge and refine their pathways in art.

We host artist from around the globe to create art and offer inspiration to our local art community. This art cultural exchange offers our community insight into the artistic processes and approaches of artist from diverse disciplines. We are focused on the contemporary art movement rooted in street art, graffiti and art with culture roots and values.

KRNT studios features large scale murals and art from guest artist that are stunning for their artistic achievement and scale. Our openings and events are an inviting fun way to experience art in our studio, surrounded by lush fields and tropical mountains.

KRNT STUDIOS will begin offer workshop retreats. Our inaugural session will be hosted by South African artist FAITH 47 in mid May. Stay tuned for more information.

There is a current that runs through all creatives. An electricity that takes ideas from our minds and brings them to life. There are currents that move oceans, air and electricity. There is a current that gives us life. KRNT Studios is inspired by this force.

Founded by Kauai based artist Kaplan AKA KAPACHE1, KRNT Studios is his way of leaning into the indigenous value of “Do your best for the next generations.” The goal is to create magnification and uplift for voices in art often times unheard. To create a space for indigenous practitioners in art to create works rooted in culture. KRNT Studios is a space for cultural acceleration rooted in respect for Kauai and our community. Kaplan's work will be displayed starting April 8th 2023 as part of the Indigenous Americans: Post Colonial Expressions at the STRAAT Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Faith 47 May 2023

Liberty Du, who is widely recognized as Faith XLVII, is a South African known as one of the world’s most prominent female street artists. 

Her journey into art began on the streets of South Africa in 1997, as a young graffiti writer taking on the name Faith47 . In 2006, Liberty began on a nomadic journey which has brought her to create works in 41 countries.

Her evolution from street artist to a multi-disciplinary artist has created a fluid yet solid bridge into the contemporary art world. This explorative approach has led her to develop a broad range of artwork. This ranges from immersive new media installations and hand-sewn wall tapestries deconstructing notions of value and place, to sculptural bronze works investigating hierarchies of power, paintings and a variety of fine art prints.

The thread of Liberty’s practice can be traced from abandoned structures, landmark 20 story buildings to museums and galleries all the way through to intimate site-specific installations. 

One can observe in Liberty’s approach evidence of her own personal quest, which in turn brings to the forefront much larger concerns of universal social and political complexities. Through the use of these various mediums. There is a longing for a deeper connection to nature, and a resurrection of the divine feminine. There is too the active investigation and questioning of the human condition, its deviant histories and our own inherent existential search.

Today, her artwork can be found in the several private and public collections including: , Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Lighthouse Properties in Philadelphia and the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation in South Africa,. She has shown at the Calais Museum of Fine Art and the Bernard Magrez Foundation in France, Mana Contemporary and the Brooklyn Museum, both in the USA.

Jim Vision March 2023

Since the start of March, Jim Vision, his partner Matilda and daughter Ruby have been artist in residence at KRNT studios in the beautiful setting of Common Ground, Kilauea.

The huge space has provided a breath of fresh air and change of scene to their usual built up and congested surroundings of East London, UK. The creative duo have been running exhibitions, graffiti festivals, studios, roof gardens and establishing wall painting spots for over 2 decades in London. They focus on connecting with communities, painting artwork that inspires and taking back space for artists to create on.

This month Vision has been able to take intricate digital concepts and paint these vibrant, fluid artworks at large-scale across all available surfaces and walls at KRNT. Access to a space like this in the UK comes at a high price so this is a unique opportunity to explore ideas and develop a creative practice within an uninhibited space. You may also spy a painting by Matilda and some little additions by Ruby and playmates.

This Friday 24th March there will be an open evening from 6-9pm. The first visitors will be able to take away a special woodcut print created on site, donations are welcome, and visitors of all ages are invited.

On Saturday 25th after dusk we will be inviting people to view the work again, if you’re on way past 4900 Kuawa Road then please drop in, the gates will be open.

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