Common Ground sets the table for a regenerative future. We have a passion for food and an appreciation for those who feed us. We want to harness the connective power of food to bring people together to share, connect and collaborate.

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Lei Poʻo Workshop Launches July 12!

Fridays 10-12PM. Nestled within our lush garden pond with burgeoning lei gardens this immersive activity invites you to explore the art of lei making. Select foraged flowers and foliage sourced from our gardens and local growers, discover the significance behind the blooms, the lei making and the celebrations that use lei.

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Farm & Food Experience

Now: Monday through Friday

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Island Inspired Catering

Expanding on the overwhelming success of our Farm & Food Experiences, Common Ground continues to grow their culinary team to offer custom event catering and private dining.

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Geoff Davis, Sorenson Impact joins as Executive Board Member

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The Regenerative Farm

An agroforest is growing on Common Ground. Follow the process of how we marry centuries-old production models with innovative biological farming applications.

Agroforestry is farming at the intersection of forestry; designed to mimic the intricate and interconnected structures of species diversity found in a (tropical) forest. 

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The Market

Find a curation of local products highlighting a new generation of Hawai'i based businesses. Each of these businesses makes a difference in their community or on the ocean, our wildlife, the environment or the keeping of local traditions in the regenerative motto of “give more than you take” 

Common Ground Ensemble

At Common Ground, community originates at the farm. 

We are creating space for experiences that unify communities, and to explore the history, stories & traditions that have become a part of our shared identity with the goal of considering and caring for all parts of the system—the land, culture, economy and people.

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Watch Kauai TVʻs spotlight on The Farm & Food Experience

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Regeneration: Because Sustainable Isn’t Enough   

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Next Mele & Manaʻo July 27th!

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