Our Mission

We use food, the great connector, to find Common Ground

Common Ground is building the farm of the future, where do-ers, thinkers and changemakers come together to redesign key elements of our food systems and ignite a global shift toward a regenerative system.


Common Ground is a creative campus that brings together changemakers, thinkers and do-ers. Visit our events or join a farm tour through the regenerative agroforest to become part of our community.

The Common Ground Marketplace

Find a curation of local products highlighting a new generation of Hawai'i based businesses. Each of these businesses makes a difference in their community or on the ocean, our wildlife, the environment or the keeping of local traditions.


We believe that change comes from engaged, energized, curious people who feel a sense of connection and mutual responsibility. Common Ground sets the table for conversations and interactions about how we eat, how we connect, how we solve challenges, and how we leave a better future for this planet.

R.E.A.L. Impact

Every culture, every community has something to offer to the world – lessons we can learn, successes we can build on, and experiences that can help guide us through the challenges of our modern world. Our aim at Common Ground is to highlight and support the practices that have helped communities persevere and thrive.

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