Our Mission

We use food, the great connector, to find Common Ground

Common Ground is building the farm of the future, where people come together to create, share, nourish and connect.

On Campus

Events at Common Ground bring together community, visitors and special guests to talk story and connect over food. Learn about regenerative Farming or enjoy island to table dinners at Common Ground's Lounge Nights.

The Common Ground Marketplace

Find a curation of local products highlighting a new generation of Hawai'i based businesses. Each of these businesses makes a difference in their community or on the ocean, our wildlife, the environment or the keeping of local traditions.

Our Story

At Common Ground Kauai, community originates at the farm. Growing food regeneratively and connecting change-makers and thinkers so that they might inspire one another, learn from one another, and bolster each other up is what Common Ground is all about.

Food & Wellness

Hawaiʻi is uniquely able to cultivate a great diversity of crops that cannot grow on the mainland, and even more, the quality of these products is exceptional. Keeping the impacts on communities in mind, Hawaiʻi-made products also consider factors such as invasive species control, local economies and the future of food sovereignty.

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