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Quickly becoming a favorite for visitors and locals alike and as written in about in Cosmopolitan, Forbes and AFAR. Common Ground's Farm and Food experience offers a showcase of what grows on Kauai in our regenerative food forest: coffee, pineapple, tree tomato, chard, cabbage, kava, mamak'i, heart of palm, papaya, banana, edible begonia, ice cream bean, bananas, and more! More importantly it demonstrates the food growing in harmony(regeneratively) with nature, planted in concert so there is no need for imported fertilizers and pesticides. We discuss why Hawai'i shouldn't need to import 85+% of its food on a boat as what grows well here is delicious! We believe a meal on Kauai should be unique and representative of the abundance of Kaua'i. After all all that we grab a plate to savor and enjoy a light family style meal that is the culmination to the tour and our mission here at Common Ground. 100% Island sourced because it should be, from the cooking oil to the seasonings. Feel free to grab beer or wine from the bar to relax into a perfect island evening. We welcome children of all ages!

Sample Food Menu - Varies by season

Served family style

Tropical fruit tasting with in-season fruit. Currently featuring rolinia, Loquat, banana, soursop, star apple, papaya, cara cara orange, tree tomato, pomelo (subject to availability)

Roasted rosemary farm raised chicken with Ulu (breadfruit) and farm greens. 

Meyer lemon and ginger blossom lemonade

Beer & Wine available for purchase.

Food is harvested from the farm and prepared fresh for the tour. Due to this, we close our booking 48 hrs before the tour, if possible please book ahead. At times we can accommodate guests within 48 hrs but need to check with kitchen staff. Please call (808) 828-6368x2.

Adults - $115

Kids - 6-12 - $65

Kids 5 and Under free

Arrive early at 3:00pm to walk to Historic Stone Dam

Experience the history of the property with a 1/2 mile walk from Common Ground to the stone dam built in the 1800s to support the plantations sugar cane production.

Stone Dam and Wai Koa Loop Trail are protected in perpetuity by Hawaii Land Trust

Shop at Common Ground's Market

After the tour - stop at the Common Ground Market featuring the island's best collection of high quality products, made from Hawaii's unique ingredients. Or view our online shop here

Customer Reviews

Our visit to Common Ground was a highlight of our time in Kauai. The farm tour was super interesting/informative and the meal that followed was absolutely delicious

- Steph M - Trip Advisor

We were so enlightened by the regenerative agricultural techniques they showed us on this tour. The guides, along with the entire staff, is dedicated to preserving the environment, the soil and working in HARMONY with the land to provide sustainable farming techniques.

- Sunny - Google

A great Kauai evening activity! Kids and families are welcome - there are no age restrictions! Kids can sample the flowers, feed the chickens and cow and help to fertilizer the farm!

Your farm tour ticket price supports the CG Foundation.

For private bookings, please contact us directly:

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