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Curating local products highlighting a new generation of Hawai'i based businesses.

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Common Ground curates a collection of local products highlighting a new generation of Hawai'i based businesses. Each is selected with great consideration based on R.E.A.L. principles: Regenerative, Equitable, Aspirational and Lasting. Each maker is passionate yet conscientious, each high-quality product has a way of celebrating the earth and the people who live on it. And it’s from Hawaiʻi made with that special that special energy that you can only find here.

Common Ground supports makers by

  1. selling their products
  2. framing the impact they have on their community, the ocean, environment, wildlife or traditions within the bigger picture of global solutions
  3. offering, incubator and accelerator programs to revitalize local business, and
  4. bolstering the community of vertically integrated supply chains. 

Purchasing products from Common Ground encourages and promotes every aspect of this mission. It is an investment in the community of Hawaiʻi and also the global community. 

To order our Hawai’i grown coffee or one-of-a-kind, small batch honey is also to reinforce the practices around the world that have helped communities preserve and thrive. To order our macadamia nut butter sourced only from family farms in Hawai’i or jerky from 100% grass-fed beef, or invasive deer from the islands, is also to declare that working conditions and soil preservation is more valuable than dirt-cheap prices. 

Support Common Ground in this consequential work by being consumers of our artisans’ masterpieces. Because we can all change the world, one thoughtful purchase of bean-to-bar chocolate or traditional line caught, preserved ahi (tuna) at a time. 


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