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Attention all Grill Masters! Spice up your next backyard BBQ with this bundle containing everything you’ll need to flavor, marinate and season your favorite grilled vegetables or meat. Included are Savory Summer Kona Sea Salt, Hawaiian Chili Pineapple Culinary Syrup, and Sour Orange, Chili, Garlic All Purpose (Hot) Sauce, all from Slow Island and all containing Hawaiʻi-grown ingredients. Also in this bundle, Secret Harvest’s Kauaʻi Gold Savory Spice, known as the “golden delicious” blend, comprised of turmeric and ginger hand-picked on Kauaʻi and Vintage Vinegar’s Raw Pineapple Vinegar, a great marinade and meat tenderizer. Light up the grill—everyone’s hungry!
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