End of the Rainbow Pasta Salad
End of the Rainbow Pasta Salad

End of the Rainbow Pasta Salad


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Get into a Rainbow State of mind with this bundle including all the main components for a vibrant “End of the Rainbow” pasta salad. Included in the bundle is Slow Island’s Turmeric Orange Passionfruit Wellness Elixir, Vintage Vinegar’s Pineapple Vinegar, Toasted Mac Nut Butter from Tiny Isle, McPhee’s Bees’ Moloaʻa Raw Honey and two packages of plant-based, grain-free noodles from Cozy Bowl, their ʻUlu Sourdough Mafaldine as well as their Taro and ʻUala Lumache. This “End of the Rainbow” pasta salad is tossed with the powerful healing agents of turmeric, the gut-friendly benefits of raw vinegar, the healthy fats and antioxidants of mac nuts, and the phytonutrient properties of unpasteurized and unprocessed honey. A true pot of gold. 

In a small sauce pot heat the oil on medium/low. Add the onions and garlic with a pinch of salt and sweat until translucent. Remove from the heat and let cool. In a blender, add the elixir, vinegar, toasted mac nut butter, pineapple vinegar, sea salt, and the cooked garlic and onion. Blend until smooth. Remove from the blender and add the parsley and green onion. Adjust seasoning to desired taste.

For the Pasta salad, follow the cooking instructions on the package of Cozy Bowl brand pasta. Add the pasta sauce plus 1 cup each of chopped tomatoes, diced cucumber, and diced avocado. Serve chilled and enjoy.

Slow Island Elixir 4oz (1 bottle)
Toasted Mac nut butter 6.5oz (1 jar)
Honey 1Tbsp
Pineapple vinegar 2oz
Sea Salt 1Tbsp

Garlic 2 cloves minced
Onion 1/4 cup small dice
Parsley 2 Tbsp chopped
Green onion 1 Tbsp chopped
Sunflower oil 2 Tbsp

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