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Meet our Vendors - Edition 2

Learn about Laka Living, Secret Harvest, McPhee's Bees, Vanillery Kauai, Tiny Isle and Slow Island and join our community to support this new generation of Hawai'i based businesses.

Mana. It’s what enchants us all when we set foot on Kauai. Native Hawaiians, kamaaina, new residents, and first time visitors are all drawn in by the undeniable power and beauty of the island’s energy. But the word encompasses more strength than that. It is an energetic life force flowing through all things. On Kauai, the sense of mana is palpable. From the moment day breaks flooding the sky with light, the pulse of island life permeates all things: mana exists in the chorus of waves, the sway of the palm fronds, the glistening dew on blades of green grass. The spirited energy of the isle is intrinsic in every waking moment. 

The feeling of mana has existed on the land (ʻāina) and in the people of Kaua’i for generations. It nourishes the ʻāina and feeds the soul. This powerful energy can prove allusive to some, but those who have successfully captured mana willingly share this ancient island energy with us. Meet some of our vendors who have a positive impact on our people and our planet. They’ve channeled this island energy into the products we can’t get enough of. 

Laka Living

Founded in the belief that beauty and strength start from within, two Kauai wahine joined forces to stir up wellness elixirs for the body and the mind. Using the power of Hawaiian-grown plants, the pair came  up with  nourishing elixirs to clarify body, mind, and soul while building strength and beauty. 


Secret Harvest Hawai'i

Is there anything more powerful than one’s own healthy body? Secret Harvest’s blend of locally grown, plant-based supplement powders utilize the natural healing properties of Hawaiian herbs and roots to maximize our individual strength and vitality. The ingredients themselves are a thing of legend amongst the ancient Hawaiians who also cherished turmeric, olena, ginger, and taro for their energy sources and anti-inflammatory properties.  


Vanillery Kauai

The alluring aroma of vanilla has the power to provide calm and comfort. Sustainably grown in the mana-packed, fertile soil of Kauai, the beans harvested from this tranquil, family-run farm can be used to add a subtle yet well-rounded enhancement for the senses in everything from baked goods to cocktails. 


McPhee's Bees

The honey farm from which McPhee’s bees raw honey originates is literally a-buzz with life. No other place on the Kaua’i Island hosts a more consistent hum of energy. Gently extracting this liquid gold from the busy hives of the colonies, beekeepers are able to jar this pure, smooth local honey, perfect for soothing a sore throat or sweetening a tart treat. 


Tiny Isle

Protein is power. With this in mind, Tiny Isle started with saplings. Fueled by the nutrients of volcanic Kauai soil, Macadamia nut trees flourished, and soon began producing protein-packed nuts, with mana for the body stored in each golden nugget. Tiny Isle serves up this protein in spoonable bites with their Mac Nut butters flavored with a variety of local tastes including natural sea salt and Hawaiian honey. 


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