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This Father's day give with purpose.

He doesn’t need any more ties, or socks, or another #1 DAD mug. This June 20th, give a father in your life truly meaningful Father’s Day gifts. A great place to start is with the Common Ground-curated Father’s Day Bundle. This impactful collection includes Lydgate Farm’s 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, Outpost Coffee’s Makai Modern Hawaiian Blend, ʻEkahi Market’s Ginger Citrus Canned ʻAhi, and Maui Nui’s Venison Sticks.

All products are produced regeneratively in Hawaiʻi. The chocolate is single-estate and handmade in small batches on a family-run Kauaʻi farm. The Lydgates have a history in Hawaiʻi that spans back to the 1860s and actively value the wellbeing of the land for the sake of all future generations.

Outpost Coffee’s Makai Modern Hawaiian Blend is unique as it is a blend of only high quality coffee beans from Kona and Latin America. The result is medium, silky bodied coffee with notes of brown sugar and grapefruit that will change the way you think about Hawaiian blends.

ʻEkahi Market’s canned ʻahi is no typical canned yellowfin tuna. This fish is line-caught in the waters off of Kauaʻi and artisanally “canned” in jars in the heritage-style which captures the ʻahi at its peak and promises that it remains fresh until ending up on charcuterie boards, in salads or spreads.

Maui Nui utilizes the invasive axis deer which threaten the finite resources and fragile ecosystem of the islands of Hawaiʻi and produces the first truly wild venison available for sale. The venison sticks included in this bundle are savory, spiced to perfection, and most importantly stress-free sourced.

This bundle is an ideal Father’s Day gift for foodies, ecologically conscientious dads, and papas with a sweet tooth.

For those with fathers (or husbands, or grandfathers, or uncles) with particularly big eyes for the sweeter stuff, treat them to the addition of Laka’s Chocolate Pearl Drip and Tiny Isle’s Toasted Honey Vanilla Macadamia Nut Butter.

Laka’s Chocolate Pearl Drip is based in raw, stone-ground cacao and is also comprised of amino-acid rich, skin clearing properties and the metabolism balancing power of coconut butter. It can be spread on, blended in or mashed up into any favorite recipe.

LAKA | Chocolate Pearl Drip Beverage Mix

Tiny Isle takes nuts from 80-year-old macadamia trees, honey from some of the healthiest bees in the country, sea salt with a full spectrum of trace minerals, and vanilla cured by hand on the island of Kauaʻi and produces their exquisite Toasted Honey Vanilla Macadamia Nut Butter. Tiny Isle’s devotion to ethical business practices and locally sourced ingredients makes the nut butter all the more sweet.

This year, the perfect Father’s Day gift supports businesses which are tackling global challenges such as overfishing and invasive species on a small, local scale. Make Dad proud and give the gifts that give back. 

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