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It's Always Grilling Season

In Hawai’i, summer never really ends. Our warm tropical climate has people flocking from all over the world to escape the winter weather on one of our sun-kissed beaches. One of the many benefits of an endless summer is endless grilling! Grilling is a great way to get your friends together outdoors and add a smoky flavor complexity to your favorite meals.

Our carefully curated Endless Summer Grill Collection will help you or your favorite “Grill Master” season to perfection for your next cook-out, using high-quality ingredients from Hawai’i’s most regenerative producers. Watch our video to get some ideas how to use it!
Endless Summer Grill Bundle
Endless Summer Grill BundleEndless Summer Grill Bundle

The bundle includes Savory Summer Kona Sea Salt, Hawaiian Chili Pineapple Culinary Syrup and Sour Orange Chili Garlic All-Purpose Hot Sauce, all from Slow Island. Also included, Secret Harvest’s Kauaʻi Gold Savory Spice and Vintage Vinegar’s Raw Pineapple Vinegar. 

Common Ground’s Culinary Director, Adam Watten, demonstrates a delicious and easy meal of “Kauaʻi-Style” grilled venison paired with a grilled vegetable salad using only the elements of our Endless Summer Grill Collection and a good old fashioned open flame.  

This photo demonstration is less of a recipe and more of a guide. Feel free to get creative and substitute things as you desire. Start by selecting some hearty vegetables for the grilled vegetable salad: eggplant, cabbages, carrots, peppers, onions, broccoli, cauliflower and summer squash are all great on the grill. 

Cut larger vegetables such as cabbage into quarters, leave others such as carrots and peppers whole. In a mixing bowl, combine the vegetables,  season with Savory Summer Kona Sea Salt, and cover with Sour Orange, Chili, Garlic All-Purpose Sauce. Toss to coat thoroughly. 

Place on your go-to preheated grill. Charcoal and wood lend the best flavor but a gas grill will also do the trick. While the fire is hot and the vegetables are cooking, season your favorite cut of grilling meat with the Savory Summer Kona Sea Salt and Kauaʻi Gold Savory Spice. We used wild venison here but pork, chicken, beef, lamb, or fish is also delicious. 

Next, make the “mop” for the grilled meats. Combine 2 parts Raw Pineapple Vinegar, 1 part Hawaiian Chili Pineapple Culinary Syrup, and 1 part Savory Summer Kona Sea Salt. Mix thoroughly and baste meat periodically as it grills.

Remove the vegetables from the grill. Once they have cooled enough to handle, chop into bite-sized piece and mix together in a large bowl. Chop up fresh herbs and add to the grilled vegetable salad. Cilantro, green onion and parsley are excellent if you have them available. Finish with extra Sour Orange, Chili, Garlic All-Purpose Sauce and salt to taste.

Serve the grilled vegetable salad and grilled meat together and enjoy outdoors and with a few friends.

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