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Common Ground's Conscious Community

Hawaiian culture and traditional values may provide true solutions to our world’s environmental, social and economic problems.

It is a culture built on the bedrock of ʻohana—and not just family related by blood but the community as a whole. The spirit of aloha conditions the community to feel responsibility for the future of the land and the generations to come. And those in Hawaiʻi currently doing the farming, fishing, roasting, canning, beekeeping, hunting, and concocting that create “Hawaiʻi-made” products are returning to generations-old regenerative practices. Because building a truly regenerative ecosystem means considering and caring for all parts of the system—the land, culture, economy and people—and also recognizing the local and global contexts in which we live, exist and interact. 

The necessary thread that winds through the whole solution is community.

At Common Ground, community originates at the farm. Growing food regeneratively, connecting change-makers and thinkers so that they might inspire one another, learn from one another, and bolster each other up. This is the place that facilitates dialogue, fosters cooperation, identifies solutions for the future of the community. Here, “doers” find support systems (like the Incubator and Accelerator), platforms and events that enable, leverage, and for some, pave the way. We are creating space to not only generate new experiences that unify communities, but also explore the history, stories and traditions that have become a part of our shared identity. 

On Kauaʻi, Common Ground is working to create a movement of conscious communities with a self-aware and sustainable relationship to the land and a desire to innovate for the sake of a brighter collective future. The movers and shakers that we feature here are all playing a role in the movement. Innovators, thinkers and inspirers who stay curious, keep asking the important questions, and still have so much more to achieve. We’re proud to introduce you to our conscious community. 
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